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From Mark Womack <wom...@adobe.com>
Subject RE: o.a.log4j.servlet
Date Thu, 16 Dec 2004 01:39:09 GMT

> > One thing I noticed with the default behavior in InitShutdownController
> is
> > that if you deploy using a war file, then the WEB-INF/log directory
> > typically ends up in the temp directory the container (like jboss) uses
> to
> > expand/explode the war file.  Tracking down the location can be a bit
> > tricky.  Can't think of anything better there though.
> >
> Well, that's why it is a default.  I don't have the javadoc in front of
> me, but
> I think it is documented.  If one cares enough to have the files be
> located in
> a particular location, then one can define the "log4j-log-home" context
> param,
> and generally override it in Appserver-specific config files.  For
> instance, in
> Tomcat, you can override a context param by adding the following to you
> Context
> Configuration File...
> <Context ...>
> <Parameter name="log-log-home" value="/path/to/log/directory"
> override="false"
>         description="location for Log4j-generated log files"/>
> </Context>

Got it.  Do you think that supporting a JNDI resource is a better standard
way to do this?  I mean I still had to modify 2 configuration files
(server.xml & context.xml) for Tomcat to get the JNDI to show up.
Theoretically it might be easier for the administrator to change the JNDI
value using the Tomcat admin tool.  I am assuming that there is a similar
way for context params and JNDI configuration in jBoss, though I have to
figure it out still.

> > I was also thinking that it would be good if the code that reads the
> > log4j-log-home context parameter value could use OptionConverter to
> > substitute system properties before attempting to verify/create the
> > directory.  That way system properties could be used in the web.xml
> context
> > parameter as well as the log4j config file itself.
> >
> You mean something like setting log4j-log-home to something like
> "${catalina.home}/logs" and then ${catalina.home} gets expanded before
> being
> applied to the "[MyApp].log.home" property?  Sounds intersting as long as
> ${catalina.home} is set from something analogous to the <Parameter>
> element in
> the Context Configuration File rather than setting it in the web.xml file.

They are system properties, not context parameters.  But I think this will
be less important if values are set in the context params or via JNDI.

> BTW, did you consider anything that I wrote (below) about
> ServletContextLogAppender?  All you have to know to configure it is the
> context
> path, such as "/Myapp" and you define the log file for your servlet
> context at
> the appserver level.

I did not get a chance.  This is in the sandbox or core?  We are still using
1.2.8 in prod.


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