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From "Shapira, Yoav" <Yoav.Shap...@mpi.com>
Subject RE: cvs commit: logging-log4j/src/xdocs faq.xml
Date Fri, 03 Sep 2004 15:42:46 GMT

To summarize from similar discussions on the commons and tomcat lists:


- Removing author tags without the author's consent: absolutely not,


- Removing author tags with the author's explicit consent in a publicly
archived forum (e.g. any apache mailing list archive, but not a private
email) is OK.


- Using tags like 

"@author <a href="http://logging.apache.org <http://logging.apache.org/>
">The Logging Services Team</a>"

is encouraged.


- If the author wants his/her name in the file, that's fine, but authors
are discouraged from putting their email addresses in the file, so

ir%20email%20addresses%20in%20the%20file,%20so%22@author>  Bob Smith" is
better than

"@author <a href=mailto:bobs@apache.org>"@author <a
href="mailto:bobs@apache.org">file, that's fine, but authors are
discouraged from putting their email addresses in t.


That's about it.


Yoav Shapira

Millennium Research Informatics



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>From: Scott Deboy [mailto:sdeboy@comotivsystems.com]

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>Subject: RE: cvs commit: logging-log4j/src/xdocs faq.xml


>Is it official policy to remove author tags from source files?


>Board minutes here discuss the issue:




>    D. Discussion: copyright ownership


>       Although initiated due to the current efforts for Spam Assassin,

>       the board discussed at length the issues and guidelines

>       copyright ownership for the ASF.  It was agreed that all files

>       should have 1 single copyright to the ASF.  Copyrights extend

>       to the work as a whole, and the ASF must have these.  The

>       use of the CHANGES files should note any "history" regarding

>       copyrights and that the use of 'author' tags should be

>       discouraged for this and other reasons.


>It looks like there is/was discussion on this issue after these minutes

>were produced, so I'm not sure if this was the final word on the

>Should we be removing author tags?


>My 2 cents: It's nice to see who have made changes to source, without

>having to wander into viewCVS.







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>Subject:   cvs commit: logging-log4j/src/xdocs faq.xml

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