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From Paul Smith <psm...@apache.org>
Subject Re: JMSReceiver/ClassLoaders/Success+Dilema
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2004 21:59:03 GMT
> We will eventually release log4j 1.3. The current situation will not last 
> forever.

That is true.

> Overriding the TCCL is quite a harmful operation with consequences 
> affecting the system as a whole.

Yes, you are very right, I have limited knowledge in this area, so I am 
happy that you picked me up on that.  I'll change it so that it does not 
need to use the TCCL.

> Web start might not be a marginal deployment scenario, but
> Webstart+JMS probably is.  How many people will still use webstart
> once 1.3 is released?
JMS+Webstart may be a little more marginal, but I know of at least 2 
people that would like it to work... :)  At any rate it is _annoying_ me 
no end when something should work, and I can't get to work.  Call me 
stubborn, but it's these "why can't I get it to work" situations that make 
me want to do it any way.  Call it an Australian stubborness thing.  We 
hate to lose. :)

> You are right to observe that the same problem with occur with JDBC as
> well. You could allow the user to set the TCCL as an *option* and
> never by default. I still think that by setting our own classloader we
> trying to do something Web-start is not designed for. However, if you
> are willing to do the work, I would not want to spoil the fun.

Is there any way you could think of that I could tweak the 
JoranConfigurator so that I can tell it which ClassLoader to use? Does 
that make sense?  When Chainsaw starts up, it checks if there is a 
standard log4j.xml file that the user wishes to use for Configuration, and 
if someone wants a JMS/DB Receiver to load each time Chainsaw launches, 
then JoranConfigurator will need to be told to use the PluginClassLoader. 
I don't mind making the change, but just would love your thoughts on the 


Paul Smith

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