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From "Alan Brown" <abr...@opstechnology.com>
Subject RE: Static log reading tool...
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2004 00:10:23 GMT
My problem was localized enough that I was able to write a tool to do it
in an hour.  I plan to make it a bit more generic though when I return
from my vacation and I'll be happy to look at integrating my desired
functionality in chainsaw if you'd like.


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From: Paul Smith [mailto:paul.smith@lawlex.com.au] 
Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2004 3:05 PM
To: Log4J Users List
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Subject: RE: Static log reading tool...

On Wed, 2004-03-31 at 08:51, Alan Brown wrote:
> Can Chainsaw go to remote locations (specified as virtual drives so I
> guess that won't be a problemm) and read the file I specify into
> chainsaw, filtering out the parts that don't meet it's criteria.

You can open a remote XMLLayout formatted file by using a URL (e.g
file://mnt/mydrive/.... or http://myserver/logs/log.xml) by using the
menu item under the File menu.

Once you have read in the file, a tab is created based an a unique name
(configured from the app preferences).  Chainsaw v2 will remember as
preferences the logger filters you use in the Log Tree panel on the
left, but I am not sure we've got around to storing remembered filter
expressions yet.  But you could paste in the filter expression you
created previously I guess until we get around to it.

Scott, could the LogFilePatternReceiver be changed to read a URL rather
than just a name ? (or have it as an alternate, have a URL property that
is used if fileName property is not set). THat way the url could be
pinged periodically for change.

What is missing right now is for Receivers to be able to have a defined
Filter, much like an appender does.  Then you could define a standard
filter inside a log4j.xml config file with the LogFilePatternReceiver
using that to filter out events when reading in.

> This wouldn't work for me because I need to process completed log
> My desire to pretty print the xml could be left unfulfilled as could
> wish to merge the log files on multiple machines by chronology, if
> Chainsaw will process the static files by keywords.
> Thanks for your help on this.  I'd certainly enjoy not having to write
> the tool myself...

If something isn't in Chainsaw v2 to meet your needs, perhaps you could
use it as a starting point and add some functionality and send us some
patches so we could incorporate them? That might be easier than writing
from scratch.

feel free to comment more on this (I've cc'd the dev list)


Paul Smith

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