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From Paul Smith <paul.sm...@lawlex.com.au>
Subject Re: TRACE!!! (Was: Re: Log4j Domains - Volunteer)
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2004 05:26:06 GMT
> >
> > All we need is someone to propose the changes to they can be reviewed 
> > (not
> > torn apart as Endre says) and voted on.  The change should be backward
> > compatible.
> So, what was the verdict?

Hi Gier,

I can't get into what the verdict is as I can't remember. By the sounds
of things, all us log4j-dev guys are:

a) Barely keeping our heads above water, work-wise
b) Recovering from surgery
c) all of the above

[(a) for me anyway]

Should there be a vote in the future, I can say my intention would be to
vote +1 on the concept of adding TRACE.  However I can't comment on any
implementation details that have been discussed so far as I've been too
busy to focus on it (I wouldn't use TRACE, personally).

Hope everyone is well.


Paul Smith

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