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From "Scott Heaberlin" <heabd...@yahoo.com>
Subject chainsaw event table tooltips
Date Wed, 24 Dec 2003 12:58:23 GMT
The 'intellisense'-like tooltips are great!

We use a home-grown version of log4j receivers/plugins (eagerly awaiting
1.3 so we can switch to the log4j standard receivers) to integrate
logging between our web applications and a third party tool.  The third
party app allows us to use jscript to script 'human-like' navigation
through legacy 3270 screens on IBM z900 and z990 mainframes.

Recently, we tweaked how we log "screen dumps" to write render the
screen in html before sending to a log4j receiver.  Our goal was to log
screen errors in such a way that we as java developers could quickly
copy the low-bandwidth "screenshot" from FileAppender output and send it
on to our COBOL developers.

I cannot tell you how excited we were to "stumble" upon the first time
the tooltip triggered by mousing-over the cyclic table of events
displayed our screen-dumps perfectly, down to proper spacing and even
with html inputs as screen "fields"!

My only suggestion-  Since this is such a valuable feature to us, we use
it a lot.  We have noticed there appears to be a timeout on how long the
tooltip will display (the one that looks like eclipse intellisense) - it
has a "blinking" effect if the mouse remains over the same row very
long.  Is there a possibility the tooltips could stay visible until the
mouse moves? Or perhaps a "tooltip time-to-live" configuration option?
Just a thought.

Again - thanks for all your hard work on this wonderful tool.  Every
build is better!

-Scott Heaberlin

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