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From "Scott Deboy" <Scott.De...@VirtualDesign.Net>
Subject RE: I'm back...
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2003 03:45:40 GMT
In order to add support for jdk1.4's logger.dtd, I duplicated much of the code required to
support the log4j.dtd (added the logger.dtd, created an entityresolver).

I also created a decoder interface that the XMLDecoder (log4j) and UtilLoggingXMLDecoder (jdk1.4)
classes implement to parse events coming from a file, etc.  This interface should be looked
over..I'm not terribly happy with it but it got things working.

The decoders need to be able to handle 3 cases: reception of only a partial event, reception
of 1 or more complete events, and reception of 1 or more events as well as a partial event.

You'll see the receivers that support XML construct the decoder through class.forname and
call decode in a loop.  The decoder only returns events it was able to parse from the passed
in data and any partial event it was holding from previous calls to decode.

If I recall, JDK1.4's sockethandler sends partial events and the log4cxx project needed the
same support.

Let me know if you have any questions..this was just a first attempt at multiple-dtd support..feel
free to change anything you think should be changed..

The multicastreceiver and udpreceiver create a couple of threads and should be looked at pretty
carefully as well.  

Hope this helps.


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From:	Mark Womack [mailto:mwomack@bevocal.com]
Sent:	Thu 7/17/2003 9:06 AM
To:	Log4j-Dev (E-mail)
Subject:	I'm back...
...from vacation.  I've been lurking for a few days, getting back up to
speed at home and work.

I want to start a review of the socket/xml related changes next week.  Can
Scott or Paul provide an overall roadmap of the changes in these areas?


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