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From Paul Smith <Paul.Sm...@lawlex.com.au>
Subject RE: Merging Sandbox -> core ( was RE: cvs commit: jakarta-log4j-s andb ox/src/java/org/apache/log4j/xml XMLLayout.java)
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2003 07:54:26 GMT
> >In XMLLayout's case,I'm having a hard time finding the 
> difference.  Maybe I
> >can just delete the sandbox one.  Scott?  Can you clarify here?
> I am pretty sure the both versions are the same.

Me too, going to delete sandbox version.

> Regardless of what gets committed into log4j-proper, we can always
> revert if need be. That is one of the advantages of using a version
> control system. Event files that get removed by CVS actually go to the
> CVS attic, they can be resuscitated if need be.

Ok, well, umm, I will start moving chainsaw and core related code into the
core.  I will leave the filter/selector/servlet alone for you to
> Peer review can be performed independently of the location of the
> file. Having duplicates just increases the maintenance pain without
> any tangible advantages, AFAIT.

Yup, sure does.
> Placing files in log4j-proper does not mean much as long as the files
> are not in the 1.3 distribution.

Yeah, we can always manage the build.xml to do the work for us.


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