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From Paul Smith <Paul.Sm...@lawlex.com.au>
Subject Latest Receiver/Plugin commits to sandbox
Date Fri, 20 Jun 2003 05:01:29 GMT
I'd appreciate it people could take a peek at my latest Plugin/Receiver
commits that I've made to the sandbox.

Since Chainsaw needs to manage the state of the Receiver style plugins at
the moment and not to preclude it's ability to manage any Plugin, I have
exposed the setActive() method at the Plugin interface level, and modified
the PluginSkeleton to provide this facility without burdening the sub
classes.  This involved a little tidy up here and there.

SocketReceiver has been tweaked a little bit more though, as I attempted to
get the recycling of the receiver to tidy up it's connections, and ensure
that restart wouldn't hang, or think it's paused.  Have tested it under a
number of scenerios.

My intent here is that if the Reciever is not active, it acts as if the
Threshold has been set to OFF.  If we do add Threshold's to receivers, and I
hope we do, the difference between !isActive() and Threshold == OFF will be
almost indistinguishable.  Is this ok?  Or cludgy?  

It would be good to properly discuss and define the semantics of the Active
property of a Plugin.

Paul Smith 
Lawlex Compliance Solutions
phone: +61 3 9278 1511
email: paul.smith@lawlex.com.au

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