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From Paul Smith <Paul.Sm...@lawlex.com.au>
Subject RE: Receivers & Chainsaw
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2003 22:50:13 GMT
> We need to do a review of all the o.a.log4j.net changes.  I 
> think we should
> coordinate an "official" review so we can start to move the 
> changes into the
> core.

That would be great. I'd like to add a few more features that would enable
the GUI to display more information about plugins/receivers, so perhaps we
could do that after?  Next week?

> A threshold setting on receivers has been suggested 
> previously.  I'll see
> about adding it later today.

> We could add a specific "pause" functionality for plugins.  I haven't
> thought that through completely though.  Just stopping and 
> re-starting the
> plugin wouldn't be sufficient?

Yeah, I think start/stop is appropriate at the plugin level.  However, it
would be great if there was a pause function though for Receivers.  For a
Receiver, this would mean nothing more than a getter/setter method, and the
ability to propogate the pause action down to any child things (like
SocketNodes). TO explain where I am coming from, for an actual SocketNode
itself, I had visions of a pause function, where the socket is kept open,
but all decoded events are just discarded, even before being passed to it's
associated receiver.  That way you could un-pause a socket, and immediately
start seeing logs, withou having to rely on a reconnection attempts (which
depending on your config, might not be timely enough for the user).

This, in conjunction with the receiver start/stop/pause, would mean a user
could stop/pause a specific SocketNode, or stop/pause a whole Receiver,
which would in turn stop/pause any children.


Paul Smith

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