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From <mwom...@apache.org>
Subject RE: [ChainSaw] internal TableModel size & memory considerations
Date Tue, 25 Feb 2003 05:38:38 GMT
Paul Smith wrote:
> Another wacky concept might also be to have an option for a
> ChainSaw window
> to be able to define it's own Appender to write events being received to
> some other local Appender (sort of Daisy chain ChainSaw to forward to a
> local log4J system..)  This way a remote server could be broadcasting
> events, and your local ChainSaw can write them to a local appender (say an
> XML file) for later review.

It's not so wacky.  For log4j v1.3 I am adding "receivers".  Receivers are
the opposite of appenders in that they can be configured to "receive"
remote/eternal events.  They can be configured as part of a logger
repository, same as loggers and appenders.  Once the receiver has an event,
it "posts" it to the logger repository where it gets handled by the
configured appenders as if the event had been generated locally.  So, it can
be written to the console, written to a file, etc. v1.3 is going to have a
SocketReceiver (matching SocketAppender), SocketHubReceiver (matching
SocketHubAppender), JMSReceiver (matching JMSAppender), and maybe more as
makes sense.

Why is this important for Chainsaw?  As I have mentioned before, I want
Chainsaw to be configurable so that it can receive events from all appender
types.  Recievers make this possible.  Chainsaw does not need any
appender/receiver specific code.  As new receiver classes are written,
Chainsaw should be able to take immediate advantage of them with no
modification.  Just configure it to use them via a (yet to be designed)
plugin gui or a configuration file.  Also, Chainsaw should be modified to be
like LF5 in that the events displayed should be processed by a Chainsaw
appender.  This appender would take events and "append" them to the chainsaw
model table.  Then, all events posted by configured receivers would be
immediately displayed by Chainsaw.  You could also have it configured to
also append the events to files, etc.  Everything could then be handled via
a configuration file.

Does that make sense?  I can't wait to see some of these changes folks are
talking about.  I want to get my hands dirty too.


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