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From Paul Smith <Paul.Sm...@lawlex.com.au>
Subject [ChainSaw] internal TableModel size & memory considerations
Date Tue, 25 Feb 2003 03:09:19 GMT
I think I read somewhere that LogFactor5 can place a bounds on the # of
events that can be held in the internal structures to prevent Memory hogging
(I may be wrong).  I can't see that ChainSaw has this feature.

There's a couple of ideas here:

* Allow the definition of a limit via configuration, and have a coloured bar
somewhere in the panel indicating when the # of entries in the internal
structure passes through some thresholds (maybe green->yellow->orange->red)


* Allow the user to choose a Policy which determines what to do when a limit
is reached.  We could have a DisgardOldestPolicy (rolling window),
DisgardNewestPolicy, DisgardDebugPolicy

Another wacky concept might also be to have an option for a ChainSaw window
to be able to define it's own Appender to write events being received to
some other local Appender (sort of Daisy chain ChainSaw to forward to a
local log4J system..)  This way a remote server could be broadcasting
events, and your local ChainSaw can write them to a local appender (say an
XML file) for later review.

Paul Smith 
Lawlex Compliance Solutions
phone: +61 3 9278 1511
email: paul.smith@lawlex.com.au

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