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From Ceki Gülcü <c...@qos.ch>
Subject Re: New Chainsaw features - feedback?
Date Tue, 25 Feb 2003 07:12:26 GMT

Vow! More comments below.

At 09:56 PM 2/23/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>I've spent some time working on enhancements to the Chainsaw UI and I 
>thought I'd step back and see what people think.  Here's what I've 
>implemented so far:
>If there are any suggestions for improvement/changes/duplication of effort 
>in what you see here, please let me know.
>1: LoggingEvents can now be received from a UDPAppender and XMLLayout 
>(support for multicast) via UDPReceiver.  Just start log4j and help your 
>neighbor debug without leaving your desk (as long as you're on the same 
>2: UDPAppender looks for an "APP" system property.  If found, the 
>name/value pair is added to the loggingevent properties - along with the 
>machine name (or ip address if not resolvable) (used to uniquely identify 
>each VM running on a machine in Chainsaw).
>3: Tabbed pane support - a tabbed pane for each unique machinename/app 
>combination.  I thought about allowing the user to pick which fields are 
>used to build the unique tabbed panes, but I'm not sure how useful it 
>would be.  I could see using the NDC or MDC on separate tabbed panes in 
>some situations.
>4: Jakarta RegExp used to build display and colorizing filters.  The 
>DisplayFilter associates columns with regular expressions.  If the value 
>in that column passes the regexp, then the row is added to the 
>display.  ColorFilters work the same way except they map columns and 
>regular expressions to a Color.  For example, 
>colorFilter.addFilter("Level", "WARN|INFO", Color.RED) will do the 
>obvious.  If a DisplayFilter exists, the row must pass at least one filter 
>to be displayed.  If there are no display filters, all rows pass.

Any particular reason for choosing Jakarta RegExp instead of Jakarta ORO?

Are you familiar with log4j filter model? See  org.apache.log4j.spi.Filter 
for further details. I think it applies well to the chainsaw case. You 
should consider the existing model instead of another model.

>5: Ascending/descending column sort with up/down icons - I have gained 
>approval from Claude Duguay to place his JTable sorting code (see 
>  under the Apache License for use in Log4j.  He would like recognition 
>somewhere and a note in the code saying this code has been placed under 
>the Apache license with his explicit permission.  Finally, great 
>JSortTable functionality and cool up/down arrows!

That is very kind of Claude Duguay. However, the ASF is quite strict about 
contributions and we must have a written agreement before we can proceed. 
The "Contributor License Agreement" must be signed and returned to the 
Apache secretary.  I will send you the appropriate form in a separate email.

>6: Handy multi-line tooltip text - see Logger/Msg/Level/Exception 
>information as you move the mouse over the table's rows - no more 
>scrolling to the right to read the exception!
>7: A right mouse button popup menu with 'clear log' (per tabbed pane) and 
>toggle on/off of the multi-line tooltip (it is a little slower to update 
>the tooltip over each row).
>8. Updated log4j.dtd and LoggingEvent to support properties/mdc.
>I've made the changes with JDK1.4 and I think I've taken advantage of some 
>of JDK1.4's functionality - but making it work on 1.3 shouldn't be difficult.
>I haven't looked at Log4J 1.3's receivers yet but hopefully my UDPReceiver 
>will fit nicely.
>Still to do:
>1. Save all settings to property file, including defined color/display 
>filters, window position, column widths/maybe column order
>2. Build a colorizer/display filter UI.  The API is complete and it works, 
>I just haven't thought out an intuitive UI for filter creation yet.  Any 
>UI suggestions, let me know.
>3. Possibly provide a way to configure which fields are displayed in the 
>multi-line tooltip.
>Still a lot of work to do to get it ready for inclusion (I think we should 
>move the XML externalization of LoggingEvent out of the Chainsaw package), 
>maybe other appenders want to use it as well.

Now that we are all excited, we all would like to see your code.



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