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From "Mentzner, Volker" <V.Mentz...@PSI-BT.de>
Subject AW: NtEventLogAppender without NtEventLogAppender.dll makes my ap p ha ng
Date Wed, 26 Feb 2003 07:04:51 GMT
Seemingly I have not posted the patch correctly. I attached it as a
NtEventLogAppender.java file in MS Outlook but when I looked in my mail
inbox there is no java attachment! Is this a problem of my mail system or a
problem of of the log4j-dev-list? I try to send it as zip attachment but to
play it safe I sent it inline...

 * Copyright (C) The Apache Software Foundation. All rights reserved.
 * This software is published under the terms of the Apache Software
 * License version 1.1, a copy of which has been included with this
 * distribution in the LICENSE.APL file.  */

package org.apache.log4j.nt;

import org.apache.log4j.*;
import org.apache.log4j.spi.LoggingEvent;
import org.apache.log4j.Priority;
import org.apache.log4j.helpers.OptionConverter;
import org.apache.log4j.helpers.LogLog;

import java.io.*;

   Append to the NT event log system.

   <p><b>WARNING</b> This appender can only be installed and used on a
   Windows system.

   <p>Do not forget to place the file NTEventLogAppender.dll in a
   directory that is on the PATH of the Windows system. Otherwise, you
   will get a java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError.

   @author <a href="mailto:cstaylor@pacbell.net">Chris Taylor</a>
   @author <a href="mailto:jim_cakalic@na.biomerieux.com">Jim Cakalic</a> */
public class NTEventLogAppender extends AppenderSkeleton {
  static boolean libraryLoaded = false;
  private int _handle = 0;

     The string constant used in naming the source of the event. The
     current value of this constant is <b>Source</b>.

     @deprecated Options are now handled using the JavaBeans paradigm.
     This constant is not longer needed and will be removed in the
     <em>near</em> term.

  public static final String SOURCE_OPTION = "Source";

  private String source = null;
  private String server = null;

  private static final int FATAL  = Priority.FATAL.toInt();
  private static final int ERROR  = Priority.ERROR.toInt();
  private static final int WARN   = Priority.WARN.toInt();
  private static final int INFO   = Priority.INFO.toInt();
  private static final int DEBUG  = Priority.DEBUG.toInt();

  public NTEventLogAppender() {
    this(null, null, null);

  public NTEventLogAppender(String source) {
    this(null, source, null);

  public NTEventLogAppender(String server, String source) {
    this(server, source, null);

  public NTEventLogAppender(Layout layout) {
    this(null, null, layout);

  public NTEventLogAppender(String source, Layout layout) {
    this(null, source, layout);

  public NTEventLogAppender(String server, String source, Layout layout) {

    if (!libraryLoaded) {
      try {
        libraryLoaded = true;
      } catch (UnsatisfiedLinkError err) {
        LogLog.warn("problem loading NTEventLogAppender.dll:", err);
      } catch (SecurityException ex) {
        LogLog.warn("problem loading NTEventLogAppender.dll:", ex);
    if (source == null) {
      source = "Log4j";
    if (layout == null) {
      this.layout = new TTCCLayout();
    } else {
      this.layout = layout;

    try {
      if (libraryLoaded)
        _handle = registerEventSource(server, source);
    } catch (Exception e) {
      _handle = 0;

     Returns the option names for this component.

     @deprecated We now use JavaBeans introspection to configure
     components. Options strings are no longer needed.
  String[] getOptionStrings() {
    return OptionConverter.concatanateArrays(super.getOptionStrings(),
          new String[] {SOURCE_OPTION});

     @deprecated Use the setter method for the option directly instead
     of the generic <code>setOption</code> method.
  void setOption(String key, String value) {
    if(value == null) return;
    super.setOption(key, value);

    if(key.equalsIgnoreCase(SOURCE_OPTION)) {
      // Set the source for the NT Evetns
      source = value.trim();

  void close() {
    // unregister ...

  void activateOptions() {
    if (libraryLoaded && (source != null)) {
      try {
	_handle = registerEventSource(server, source);
      } catch (Exception e) {
	LogLog.error("Could not register event source.", e);
	_handle = 0;

  public void append(LoggingEvent event) {

    StringBuffer sbuf = new StringBuffer();

    if(layout.ignoresThrowable()) {
      String[] s = event.getThrowableStrRep();
      if (s != null) {
	int len = s.length;
	for(int i = 0; i < len; i++) {
    // Normalize the log message priority into the supported categories
    int nt_category = event.priority.toInt();

    // Anything above FATAL or below DEBUG is labeled as INFO.
    //if (nt_category > FATAL || nt_category < DEBUG) {
    //  nt_category = INFO;
    if (libraryLoaded)
      reportEvent(_handle, sbuf.toString(), nt_category);

  void finalize() {
    if (libraryLoaded)
    _handle = 0;

     The <b>Source</b> option which names the source of the event. The
     current value of this constant is <b>Source</b>.
  void setSource(String source) {
    this.source = source.trim();

  String getSource() {
    return source;

     The <code>NTEventLogAppender</code> requires a layout. Hence,
     this method always returns <code>true</code>. */
  boolean requiresLayout() {
    return true;

  native private int registerEventSource(String server, String source);
  native private void reportEvent(int handle, String message, int priority);
  native private void deregisterEventSource(int handle);

-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Mentzner, Volker [mailto:V.Mentzner@psi-bt.de]
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 26. Februar 2003 07:46
An: 'Log4J Developers List'
Betreff: AW: NtEventLogAppender without NtEventLogAppender.dll makes my
ap p ha ng

But this only touches the NetSendAppender part of the problem.
We have this problem as well in the NtEventLogAppender. This appender is
part of the log4j distribution, so I think one of the log commiters has to
worry about it (maybe one of the authors: Chris Taylor or Jim Cakalic?). I
attach my patch so someone can decide to integrate it to the log4j


-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Mark Womack [mailto:mwomack@bevocal.com]
Gesendet: Dienstag, 25. Februar 2003 21:38
An: 'Log4J Developers List'
Betreff: RE: NtEventLogAppender without NtEventLogAppender.dll makes my
ap p ha ng

Volker, can you please contact Jay Funnel with your patches?  This appender
is part of the contributions, and as such is not really tracked like the
core classes are.  We'll be happy to update the version in cvs with an
updated version from Jay.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Mentzner, Volker [mailto:V.Mentzner@PSI-BT.de]
> Sent: Tuesday, February 25, 2003 12:10 PM
> To: 'log4j-dev@jakarta.apache.org'
> Subject: NtEventLogAppender without NtEventLogAppender.dll 
> makes my app
> ha ng
> Hallo,
> working with NtEventLogAppender and NetSendAppender 
> (contribution of Jay
> Funnel) I found one common irritating behaviour:
> When I don't have the correspondig dll's in my path 
> (NtEventLogAppender.dll
> and NetSendAppender), an exception is thrown
> indicating that the library cannot be loaded. After that my 
> application
> (Swing based GUI) hangs and shows no more reactions.
> I think the appenders should handle the case internally that 
> the dlls are
> missing when you misconfigured your system (wrong path, no dll,...).
> If you are interested I can apply a patch that handles this. 
> It is tested
> for WinXP and WinNT40.
> Should I write a bug report? Where should I post the patches?
> Regards
> Volker Mentzner
> Heinrichstraße 83-85
> 40239 Düsseldorf
> Telefon: +49-211-60219-259
> Telefax: +49-211-60219-365
> E-Mail: V.Mentzner@PSI-BT.de
> Internet: www.psi-bt.de
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