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From Richard Bair <rb...@dtint.com>
Subject Re: JDBCAppender proposal
Date Fri, 21 Feb 2003 17:57:43 GMT
> What's the point of logging to a database if you cannot seach?

Its a common place to put things - every client of our software needs to
connect to the db to run anyway, so its a convenient place to put
things.  Besides, basic searching (especially of an xml file) is easily
achievable on the local filesystem via grep like tools - why have the
overhead of a db? (No db? I must not be feeling myself today! ;-)

If you do log a row per statement, just be aware of how much space in
the db may well be needed for the log table.  Perhaps we could have
several db appenders like RollingDBAppender, DBAppender,
ArchiveDBAppender etc.

Essentially, we have a column in the db that tracks the logdate, the
blob field for the log itself, and then a couple extra fields for
keeping track of user defineable stuff to track whatever other
attributes of the log file we want to.

For our users, all that is important is that they are able to view the
log file for whatever particular day/time they want - they didn't need
the ability to do in depth searches *within* the log files.

Obviously this isn't going to be the case for everybody - but the
overhead required to log everything as a separate row should be


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