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From Richard Bair <rb...@dtint.com>
Subject RE: Configuration GUI
Date Wed, 12 Feb 2003 17:41:59 GMT
> Many parts of the java.beans package are JDK 1.4 specific other parts are 
> date back to JDK 1.1. What do you need to do exactly? By the way, log4j has 
> its own beans processing tools in o.a.log4j.config package. They are not as 
> complete as
> commons-beanutils but they get the job done (at least for the moment).
> What do you need to do exactly?

I haven't put enough thought into the specifics yet to know for sure
what I need.

Basically, I need an interface to describe what a gui plugin is, how it
would be called by the app etc.  The property editor would be a good
pick here, I think.  I don't know yet if I'd use BeanInfo, the
Introspector, or some of the other classes.

Right now I'm just fishing for ideas and opinions.  Hopefully sometime
tonight or tomorrow I can get a more detailed spec written up.


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