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From Richard Bair <rb...@dtint.com>
Subject RE: Configuration GUI
Date Tue, 11 Feb 2003 23:28:36 GMT
> > The one drawback I see with going this route is that creating a really
> > generic tool sometimes means that the user interface isn't as 
> > intuitive.
> > 
> > For instance, I think it would make for a cleaner UI to 
> > provide the user
> > of a FileAppender a checkbox for bufferedIO and Append, and a spinner
> > control for the BufferSize (or maybe an editable combo box) 
> > rather than
> > providing a table that would list each of the properties and 
> > would use a
> > different editor depending on the datatype (like the property sheet in
> > VB or the guibuilder I've been writing).
> Maybe it has specific gui for "known" appenders, but falls back to a generic
> table for "unknown" appenders.  Maybe developers could include "plugins"
> that describe an interface that can be used to display their settings.  But,
> there is always a generic fallback.
That's exactly what I was was thinking.  I figured the plugin approach
would allow appender designers to provide a nice UI for their appenders,
and then a generic one would cover us.  I would intend on providing nice
UI plugins for all of the appenders shipped with log4j.

> > But I don't know.  Maybe a good property sheet using reflection would
> > rock over all.  I'd be able to reuse a lot of my other code (its
> > LGPL'd), and it really WOULD provide for all different appenders.
> There is raging debate going on right now within the jakarta committers
> about the use of LGPL code.  Even though LGPL is supposed to be less
> restrictive than GPL, it still is not compatible with the way java "links"
> code, and by Apache policy, LGPL code cannot be included in Apache projects
> (at least that seems to be the gist of what I have read).  And all code
> released by Apache has to be released under the Apache 1.1 license.  Just an
> fyi.
Shouldn't be any problem since the gui builder code is all mine, and it
hasn't been released publicly yet.

> > Incidently, I was using java 1.4 for its java.beans package and
> > functionality.
> It would be nice if it could run under jdk 1.2 or later.  Have you looked at
> the commons-beanutils?
I initially tried to use beanutils for the project, and to some extent
it worked well.  I just found after 3 or 4 refactorings that the stuff
that was bundled with Java was much better suited to what I was trying
to do.  I can look at it again for this project.  I understand wanting
to make this available for old versions of java.


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