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From <mwom...@apache.org>
Subject RE: log4j.jar locked by Tomcat even after remove/undeploy ....
Date Fri, 04 Oct 2002 06:18:11 GMT
Ceki & Jake,

I have done some more tests, and I believe very strongly that the problem is
in Tomcat.  I have enclosed my entire webapp (I am still using the one I
made last night, with some modifications, and you will need to add the
log4j-1.2.6.jar to your deployment; I did not include it in the enclosed zip

Here is what I do, you tell me what you think:

1) I created 2 new classes, org.womacknet.StaticTest and
org.womacknet.NonStaticTest.  StaticTest has a static initializer defined
and 2 static members.  NonStaticTest does not have a static intitializer and
only an instance member.  I compiled these files and put them into their own
static_test.jar, which I placed into the WEB-INF/lib.

2) I created 2 jsp pages, static_test.jsp and non_static_test.jsp.  As you
can guess, each references the StaticTest or NonStaticTest classes
respectively.  The classes are only referenced/used by these jsp's and no
where else.

3) I deployed the webapp outside of the Tomcat directory structure, and
initially without the jsp's.  I did the following command to deploy it in


All is happy.

4) Just to check, while it is deployed I tried to move both the log4j and
static_test jars.  Both report that they are locked and cannot be moved,
expected behavior.

5) I then undeploy the web app with the following command:


All is happy.

6) I go back to move the jars.  The static_test.jar can be moved, but not
the log4j jar.  This is the reported problem.

7) Shutdown Tomcat, startup tomcat, deploy the webapp.

8) Copy the non_static_test.jsp to the top level of the webapp, and access


All is happy.

9) Undeploy the web app, try to move the jars.  Again, static_test.jar will
move, but log4j jar will not.

10) Shutdown Tomcat, startup tomcat, deploy the webapp.

11) Copy the static_test.jsp to the top level of the webapp, and access it:


Access the non_static_test.jsp too, if you want.  All is happy.

12) Undeploy the web app, try to move the jars.  Now neither the static_test
jar nor the log4j jar will move.

Please see if you can replicate this behavior locally.  I believe this
proves there is an issue with the Tomcat web application class loader (?)
regarding classes that either have static intializers and/or static members
(which log4j does have).  I can replicate the same locked jar behavior with
a non-log4j related jar, and the behavior only occurs when the class with
the static initializer/members is actually loaded/used.  If it is not
loaded/used, then the locked jar behavior does not occur.  As such, and
assuming you can replicate the behavior I am seeing, I do not believe this
is a log4j problem.

Please let me know what you find.  If you find the same behavior, please
report the problem to the Tomcat development team so they comment and/or


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