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From "Olivier Vierlinck" <olivier_vierli...@hotmail.com>
Subject Contribution to Chainsaw
Date Thu, 24 Oct 2002 08:58:04 GMT
'foreword' : I'm NOT subscribed to the mailing list... and I don't expect 
this e-mail to be included in it either (although you can if you want to)! 
But this is the easiest way I've found to contact you!


We use log4j and Chainsaw in our ptoject and really appreciate them! Thank 
you for these great and much needed tools!

For reasons specific to ou project, I'd like to extend Chainsaw to be able 
to display, for each 'thread name', the last message received. (this could 
be seen as an 'multi-line status bar'!)

Although the reasons are really project specific, the implementation would 
be completely generic and might be integrated in the Chainsaw project.

However, I'm completely new to the open-source world (although I really 
appreciate what it provides ;-) ) and I'm not too sure about what to do, how 
to do it, what changes are allowed, is there an approval required, who 
decide what is to be done etc etc etc...

And in this case, before hacking my few lines of code here and there in the 
middle of the original Chainsaw code (as I've done so far locally!), I guess 
I'll need to restructure it a little bit, splitting the Main.java and 
MyTableModel.java in 2 or 3 functionalities: (receiving, filtering, 
dispatching, displaying...)

(as an example, I included the two impacted files here below, just in case 
my description was not clear enough! obviously, this is not production 
quality code!!!)

Hope I didn't take too much of your time and I'm looking forward to 
contributing to this simple but great projects!



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