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From "Martin Schulz" <sch...@videotron.ca>
Subject Access to all configured, possibly dangling, appenders
Date Sun, 07 Jul 2002 00:04:15 GMT

I want to allow interactive changes to the log4j configuration, e.g.
using a web interface.  Log4J allows access to Loggers all right,
And through Loggers I can obtain the list of _used_ Appenders.

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a provision for programmatic
access to _all_ Appenders, e.g. those configured in a
PropertyConfigurator. In fact PropertyConfigurator _clears_ the list of
appenders and is proud of it.

Is there a PropertyConfigurator variant out there which
A) creates _all_ the appenders in the properties file (not just those
which happen to be used),
B) gives the application programmatic access to the list of _all_
existing Appenders, whether in use or not.
C) allows to remove a specified appender
D) allows to remove all unused appenders

Aren't Appenders a resource which should be managable in its own right
just like Loggers?


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