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From Mark Womack <mwom...@bevocal.com>
Subject RE: new filters (was FW: cvs commit etc)
Date Tue, 11 Jun 2002 17:01:15 GMT
> This is very good work.

Thank you.

> 1) Option names (i.e. javabeans properties) are always in bold in the
> javadocs.

Where do I change this?  Did I miss a few places in the descriptions?

> 2) You have stuck to "my" preferred formatting style:
> The difference is quite small but there is a difference nonetheless.
> We'll move log4j code from my style to Sun's style little by
> little. We can start by fresh code written for log4j 1.3. I'll write a
> codingstyle.html page explaining all this as soon as I get the time.
> Previous to this email, this was all a mental note so you had no way
> of knowing.

I think we should just come up with an optional ant task that will format
the way we want to format.  There are enough tools out there to do this.
Then we could just run it over new contributions to format them before
checkin.  Once I am in an existing file, I can conform to whatever style is
already used without too much effort.

> Coming back to your contribution, it contains an interesting bug that
> you will discover immediately when you write the first test case. I
> won't say more. I might even be wrong but the test cases will show. By
> the way, did I thank you for your excellent work?

Ack!  I know there is a bug lurking there somewhere.  I can't wait to find
it. :-)

And thanks again.  I am hoping to get some version of the Watchdog stuff
checked in.  Can you point me at some of the time manager related api's you
mentioned previously?  I am going to look at it later tonight, if I get the
chance.  But first...there's work.


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