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From Ceki Gülcü <c...@qos.ch>
Subject RE: Binary compatibility between versions of log4j
Date Tue, 11 Jun 2002 09:00:15 GMT

Before we rush to find a solution, can we first define the problem
please? For instance, what part or parts of log4j are binary

At 09:18 11.06.2002 +0100, John Armstrong wrote:
>Thanks for the replies. I would like to summarize.
>There seem to be three basic views:
>1) There is no problem (Ceki Gülcü, Anders Kristensen)
>2) Binary compatibility should be maintained to some extent, the question is
>how (John Armstrong, Doug, Sean Hager, Niclas Hedhman, Paul Duffin)

What does this mean, that we are not maintaining binary compatibility
to "some" extent?  I strongly disagree with this statement which is
misleading at best.

>3) Work round it (Scott Miller)

Let us define the problem first before finding a solution.

>(Sorry if I have interpreted anyone's views incorrectly - [Scott says that a
>standard interface wrapper around log4j would be nice - so perhaps he is in
>camp (2) with an "ideally" after the "should"])
>I don't really know how to progress from here. I need to make a decision
>about what to do about log4j. Probably in the next month or so I will decide
>whether to stick with log4j or implement some work around/replacement.

Define the problem before implementing a work around.

>What are the timescales for making a decision on this issue? And if the
>decision is to go for some form of binary compatibility what are the
>timescales for deciding exactly what form that binary compatibility will
>take (i.e. when will the API be designed)?

Let us define the problem before defining a decisional time
frame. Well, you get the picture...

>P.S. I will be incommunicado for about 1 week, please do not think that I
>have lost interest in this question just because I stop participating for a

What is the point in reviving a discussion if you are not going to participate?


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