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From c...@qos.ch (Ceki Gulcu)
Subject Re: Avalon Logging Toolkit
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2002 14:10:33 GMT
On 6 Feb 2002 22:13:28 +1100, Peter Donald wrote:


> So Ceki asked me to go through the codebase and suggest things. SO I
> did this - at least on on two different occasions, each time took a
> few hours or so. I ended up generating a list of features that LogKit
> had that we needed to be in Log4j before we could adopt it.
> Most of the features Ceki implemented but some he didn't want which
> made it impossible for Avalon to adopt it. Seing that he wouldn't
> budge I suggested to him 3 different ways in which LogKit and Log4j
> could share code. He didn't even bother to respond to these
> mails. Though he does claim that he never received one of them and
> that his mail server munched the mail.

One of the parts I enjoy most about log4j is receiving comments and
suggestions from users.  Some of the most interesting features of
log4j have their origins in the user community.  Indeed, I am not as
responsive as I would like to be but it's not like I am not making a
genuine effort.

> Anyways things went on. At one stage someone asked me what advantage
> LogKit had over Log4j. I answered simplicity/ease of use, ease of
> integration into servers and performance. Next thing I know Cekis pops
> onto mailing list and calls me a liar and a thief. He seemed to be put
> out that i said LogKit was more performance sensitive ;) Eventually I
> believe he conceded that it was the case but then he went onto to
> claim that performance is not important
> "read my article on it". Ho hum.
> You may find it wierd that he called me a thief given that many of the
> features adopted by Log4j were originally in LogKit and the time of
> implementation roughly coresponded to when I told him to fix these
> things.  Even more amusing is that LogKit did another release. The day
> after the release Log4j cloned a feature from LogKit that it lacked
> ... luckily Ceki could find a mail in one of the archives where a user
> had requested a similar feature so he could claim that he had
> originally had that idea from the start
> ;)

Your capacity of interpreting events in your own way is mind boggling.
I have never seen anything like it in my entire life, except in movies.

> Anyways this pattern of things continued and we see him here again calling me
> a thief. This pattern of abuse towards me got so bad in recent times I had to
> ask Ceki to never email me personally. Never has he bothered to critique
> LogKit on any terms it has always been his way to deride and insult the
> people of it instead.

I always strive to be respectful and try to listen to other's needs
and ideas.  I have never insulted anyone since I am involved with
Apache. The only person I have a problem with is you.  I am upset
because LogKit copies log4j -- I consider this backstabbing from the
inside [Jakarta].  I have been very patient with you and am truly
amazed at the extent of your bad faith.  Regarding accusations of
abuse in our private email exchanges, I am literally speechless because
nothing could be further from the truth.


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