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From Ceki Gülcü <c...@qos.ch>
Subject RE: [POLL] Commercial documentation
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2002 21:21:53 GMT


Don't worry. I won't do anything idiotic. Ceki

At 15:44 10.01.2002 -0500, Sonnathi, Venkat Ramana wrote:
>I agree with Jon. Please don't take away documentation from the project.
>Please do feel free to write the book and sell it but don't force the users
>to buy it.
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Jon Skeet [mailto:jon.skeet@peramon.com]
>Sent: Thursday, January 10,2002 2:14 PM
>To: Log4J Developers List
>Subject: RE: [POLL] Commercial documentation
>> I am pondering whether it is possible to earn revenue by offering
>> log4j documentation online, a bit like what JBoss is trying to
>> do. Needless to say, the log4j API (the software) will always be
>> licensed under the Apache Software license and would include some
>> basic documentation. However, writing good documentation is very time
>> consuming and I'd like to see if I can get paid to do it.
>> This documentation will be based on the long log4j manual which was
>> until recently part of log4j 1.2 alpha3, alpha4 and alpha5. However,
>> the latest alpha6 does not include it. This document carried a clearly
>> visible copyright notice. It was always copyrighted by me and not the
>> ASF.
>> Do you think this is an honorable approach? Your comments on the 
>> subject are welcome. Thank you.
>I personally don't like the idea. It feels like it goes against the spirit
>of the open source movement in general. I'd like to think that good
>documentation should come with good software - the fact that it generally
>doesn't isn't a reason to follow that model.
>I rather suspect that if you go this way, others will write a good manual
>which *is* open source and part of the kit/website. I would try to support
>such an effort, although I'm in no way a technical writer. As the sole
>committer for the Log4j project you could, of course, avoid putting it into
>CVS, but I feel that would splinter the project quite severely.
>I know it's nice to get money for things, and I'm in no way averse to
>writing code for a living (otherwise I wouldn't do it), but I don't think it
>goes along with the spirit of the rest of the project.
>I know that people *are* writing books for profit based on Ant, Struts etc,
>and see no reason you shouldn't do this as well - but not by pulling decent
>documentation away from Log4j leaving only minimal documentation in the
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