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From Max Stolyarov <MStolya...@Novarra.com>
Subject For Ceki: Problem working with SMTPAppender
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2001 23:27:29 GMT
Hi Ceki,

  After reading number of messages on this developer forum, I can see that
you are the person who may be able to help me. In my application I am using
SMTPAppender to send log events to my e-mail address when something happens.
I use management interface to create and remove SMTPAppenders, based on
their name and other parameters, such as filter specifications. What I
resently noticed was that if I remove SMTPAppender try to generate dummy
alerts, I am still receiving e-mail messages. It seems like SMTPAppender is
still active after I explicetly closed it. Also, if I would create another
appender with the same name and try to generate more log events, I now
receive two e-mails for each log event generate. 

In trying to resolve this problem I went and modified SMTPAppender class and
AppenderAttachableImpl class. After I did this, everything started to work

So, my question to you is: 
If you worked with SMTP appender before, did you ever noticed this behavior?

And if did, is this a bug or just a misexecution on my part? 
If this is a bug and you know about it, was it fixed in the latest release
of log4j? 

Sorry for asking so many questions, but our application is very much
integrated with log4j and I would not want to upgrade to a new release of
log4j in the next month if I don't have to, but I also don't want to support
my custom version of log4j without a need for it. Thanks in advance.

Max Stolyarov

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