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From Ceki Gülcü <...@qos.ch>
Subject log4j-1.2alpha2 available
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2001 22:10:33 GMT


The subject says it all. This alpha continues where the previous one left off.

HISTORY file reads:

 - Improved error reporting in DOMConfigurator. Thanks to Thomas Tuft
   Muller for contributing the enhancement. [*]
 - Log4j is now configurable using JMX. [*]

 - Modified SMTPAppender to allow multiple email sessions. Thanks to
   Jon Skeet for supplying the relevant patch. [*]

 - The CategoryFactory class has been replaced by the LoggerFactory
   class. The makeNewCategoryInstance method has been renamed as
   makeNewLoggerInstance. This change requires subclasses of Category
   classes to be modified and recompiled. [**]

 - The Level class replaced the Priority class. Priority class now
   extends Level to preserve backward compatibility. [*]

 - The Logger class replaced the Category class. Category class now
   extends Logger to preserve backward compatibility. [*]

 - The Category.assert method has been replaced by
   Category.assertLog.  This change was mecessary because assert is a
   language reserved word in JDK 1.4. [**]

 - Added buffered IO capability to FileAppender and subclasses. [*]

 - Added event reporting capability to the Hierachy class.
 - Added new system property "log4j.configuratorClass". This property
   allows the user to specify the custom configurator at the default
   initialization phase. This property replaces the previous
   interpretation of the reference part of "log4j.configuration" 
   as the custom configurator class. This interpretation was sometimes
   erroneous and caused headaches. [*]
 - Introduced the Mapped Diagnostic Context or MDC class. This class
   is similar to the NDC except that the diagnistic context is based
   on a map instead of a stack. Moreover the MDC is automatically
   inherited by child threads under JDK 1.2 and above. [*]

 - Corrected a performance bug in the NDC class as observed by Dan
   Milstein and independently by Ray Millard. [*]

 - Removed deprecated methods setOptions and getOptionStrings defined
   in the org.apache.log4j.spi.OptionHandler interface. This interface
   is implemented by most log4j appenders and layouts. In particular,
   all appenders and layouts shipped with log4j contain these
   deprecated methods. They have become totally redundant after we
   moved to JavaBeans style configuration in log4j 1.1. [**]

 - The disable(Level) methods in Hierarchy have been removed and been
   replaced by threshold methods. [**]

 - Removed deprecated methods disable(Priority), disableAll,
   disableDebug, disableInfo and enableAll in BasicConfigurator. [*]

 - Added supports java.io.Reader objects in the method doConfigure(),
   instead of only InputStream. Thanks to Mark Womack for submitting
   the relevant patch. [*]

Ceki Gülcü - http://qos.ch
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