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From Alessandro Di Maria <dima...@cyberlink.ch>
Subject Remote Classes
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2001 10:03:21 GMT
  Hello Ceki!

Here, are the Remote Classes. There're also some Test Classes.
The IRemoteNode, RemoteNode and the LoggingEvent must be available in 
the codebase directory.
I couldn't avoid this, seems to be a RMI requirement.

Added following classes:  src/org/apache/log4j/rmi:

IRemoteNode.java, RemoteAppender.java, RemoteNode.java


Client.java, client.lcf, client.policy, IServer.java, RemoteLog.java, 
runClient.bat, runServer.bat, Server.java, server.lcf, server.policy


LoggingEvent.java (added the mehtod pushNDC)


build.xml (adds in target build, jar, doc)


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