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From Jim Moore <jim.mo...@veritas.com>
Subject RE: Plan for release 1.2
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2001 15:05:24 GMT
"Contributors are expected to be familiar with the log4j test environment.
They are also required to add a new test case with each new feature or

What is the test environment?  In the org.apache.log4j.test package, there
are "ad-hoc" tests (like PatternTest) and JUnit tests (like
UnitTestCategory).  Do we add unit tests to the "unitTest" script?  Wouldn't
it make more sense to add them to a TestSuite to use JUnit's built-in
support?  Also, shouldn't the ant declaration have a "test.all" task so it's
not platform dependant (ie, "#!/bin/sh") and more easily done as part of the
regular build process?  Am I missing something fundimental, or do we simply
need a more defined "test environment"?

-Jim Moore

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From: Ceki Gulcu [mailto:cgu@qos.ch]
Sent: Monday, June 18, 2001 9:34 AM
To: log4j-dev@jakarta.apache.org
Subject: Plan for release 1.2

Hello all,

I have written a short release plan for log4j 1.2. It is available at


You are most welcome to make suggestions and even more to volunteer. :-) 

Cheers, Ceki

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