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From Anders Kristensen <akristen...@dynamicsoft.com>
Subject Re: Hosting log4j FAQ on jGuru
Date Mon, 21 May 2001 19:15:43 GMT
I tend to agree with Daniel...

Mathias Bogaert wrote:
> >The FAQs at jGuru are mostly AQs and are not adequately subcategorized
> >    within a category.  Keyword searching is not as useful as a
> >    well-organized table of contents.
> That is a problem.....searching is not easy on JGuru.
> > I'm not donating 1-3 hours a week of my time to help
> >    jGuru/MageLang's advertising revenue.
> I don't agree. The best dev and open source sites have ads on them (e.g.
> slashdot, theserverside.com).

The thing is that ad revenue depends on number of hits, meaning that
these sites have an interest in making people click around a lot. I
personally prefer FAQs which are on a single page, with an index at the
top (hyperlinked if it's HTML).

With jguru not only do you not get the FAQ on a single page but you also
don't get individual parts in a "clean" way without a lot of HTML fluff
around it.

> > jGuru forums bypass and possibly defeat jakarta user mailing lists.
> That is the point! JGuru's faq are more easy accessible for developers than
> the mailinglist, and the mailinglist contains not only questions, but also
> code, personal remarks, feature requests, bug reports + discussions, etc....

I prefer FAQs and mailing lists be kept seperate. If something is up for
discussion it probably doesn't belong on the FAQ list.

> > The best FAQs are works of writing and not hasty online Q&A's.
> I dont't agree. JGuru's FAQ's are very comprehensive and contain good
> answers.
> I still vote +1 for the FAQ on JGuru. I like their site and it has helped me
> out on countless occasions.
> Regards,
> Mathias

Anders Kristensen

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