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From Mark Douglas <Mark_Doug...@systemsunion.com>
Subject RE: Request for new method.
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2001 14:17:28 GMT
Hi Ceki,

I could get all apps to call into my utility code before they exit, but I
was kind of hoping that I could 'hide' the fact that I was using log4j.
It's a shame there are no destructors as in C++ ;-)

I've had a quick play with trying to flush the Socket, but you are calling
oos.flush() anyway in the SocketAppender.append() method.

I have even tries playing with the SO_LINGER option on the socket, and that
seemed to have no effect.

Looks like the only thing that works is calling Category.shutdown().

Sorry if this topic has been discussed before, but I'm fairly new to this

Thanks to everyone for all the feedback :)

Mark Douglas
Systems Union Group plc

-----Original Message-----
From: Ceki Gülcü [mailto:cgu@urbanet.ch]
Sent: 01 February 2001 13:22
To: LOG4J Developers Mailing List
Subject: Re: Request for new method.

At 12:04 01.02.2001 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>I would like for a new method to be added to the Category class (along the
>lines of the shutdown() method).  The new method 'flush' would be called to
>flush the buffers of all appenders in all categories.  This really only
>makes sense for SocketAppender and AsyncAppender as the other appenders
>don't tend to buffer output (my understanding - possibly incorrect).  Most
>appenders would simply return from a call to their flush() method.  The
>SocketAppender would call oos.flush() for example.

Hello Mark,

Flushing the SocketAppender won't help at all. Not one bit. This makes sense
because sending depends on the acknowledgement of the other side (the
receiving side). Flushing on one side is pretty much useless.  
Closing the SocketAppender is different because the call will not return
until all packets in the send buffer are acknowledged or until there is a
timeout exception.

What you need to do is to close all appenders (or call Category.shutdown)
when your VM exists. Is that a possibility?  Ceki

>The reason:
>At the moment, the only way to ensure that all Appender output is 'flushed'
>is to call Category.shutdown().  This is fine for an app. that is about to
>terminate, but for an app. that is continuing, calling Category.shutdown()
>means that no further logging takes place.
>Why do I want to flush the buffers?
>I have some utility code that is used in a number of applications.  After
>code is called, some apps terminate and other do not.  If I call
>Category.shutdown() before my code returns, the apps that terminate are
>fine, but the others carry on and can't perform further logging (all the
>appenders have been deleted).  If I don't call Category.shutdown(), the
>that terminate lose a few logging messages because they are buffered in the
>To fix this, my utility code needs to be able to flush the buffers before
>returning.  This way, both types of app. would work correctly.  Also, I
>don't the apps to have to 'know' about log4j and therefore it would be
>unreasonable for them to call Category.shutdown() before they exit.
>Ceki,  is it possible to add this functionality for 1.1?  Or is there
>something I can do right now to solve this?
>Mark Douglas
>Systems Union Group
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