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From Peter Steiner <peter.stei...@hugwi.ch>
Subject configuring RollingFileAppenders with properties
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2006 08:27:32 GMT
Hello all

Quite frequently I see the question popping, how you can have one log
file per day, even when you use an INI file (a.k.a. properties) for the

There are two roads:
- use the DailyRollingFileAppender. This is documented as deprecated,
  but with the recent commits from Curt (486425 and earlier) this
  probably works out of the box (I have not tested this).
- use the new style RollingFileAppender with a TimeBasedRollingPolicy.
  To configure the policy from properties, you need the patch
  (originally by Christian Steindl) from

Here is an example configuration for TimeBasedRollingPolicy and one log
file per day:


Another example: if you want a new log file every hour, you can replace
the FileNamePattern line with this one:


There is another caveat (unrelated to properties) when using a
configuration which needs to rename files (say when you use
FixedWindowRollingPolicy with a MaxIndex). Whenever a rename happens,
log4cxx will allocate a small amount of memory that won't be freed until
the end of the application. To fix this, you need the 'mutex' patch from


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