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From jw...@ilstechnology.com
Subject Re: Problem with RollingFileAppender
Date Thu, 03 Mar 2005 13:42:40 GMT


If you specify an exact path for the log file in the properties file, then
the logging will be immune to changes in the cwd.

My guess is that you used something like this:


You should try:

log4j.appender.Exceptions.File=/var/log/exception.log (or whatever the path
may be)


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                      AM                       Subject:  Problem with RollingFileAppender
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I've got small problem while using log4cxx and RollingFileAppend. My app is
logging using log4cxx and RollingFileAppender. After app starts it logs
into file eg. test.log - file name is taken from properties file via
PropertyConfigurator. While my app is running (and logging) i do something
else on my pc and i change current directory to other (not apps) directory
and when file test.log reach size larger tham maxfilesize defined in
properties logger rollover file and starts logging in file test.log but NOT
in app directory but in currect directory. This behaviour is a little
unexpected (IMHO). Is any chance that this will change in future?
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