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From Josh Clark <idispa...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Compiler option changes (and other patches)
Date Thu, 06 Oct 2005 17:38:55 GMT
For the PDB changes to the build files...

For aprutil-build.xml, the following line

<compilerarg value="${compiler_args}" if="compiler_args"/>

needs to be changed to

<compilerarg value="${pdb-option}" if="pdb-option"/>

On 9/14/05, Andreas Fester <Andreas.Fester@gmx.de> wrote:
> Hi Josh,
> Josh Clark wrote:
> > Hopefully this is the correct forum to post this. I'm new to the
> cvs/patch
> > thing, so let me know if there's a better way to do this...
> First, thanks for the patches. I have integrated the Compiler option
> changes and the ODBC stuff in my daily build at
> http://www.littletux.net/log4cxx
> It would be good if you could use the .tar.gz file provided there,
> because it already contains some additional patches which are not
> in CVS yet. I usually unpack the tar.gz file twice, once in a
> directory like log4cxx-0.9.8.orig and once in log4cxx-0.9.8 in
> which I make my modifications then, and then create the patches
> with "diff -urN log4cxx-0.9.8.orig log4cxx-0.9.8". This will become
> better again once the patches are all committed in CVS :-)
> Regarding the ODBC stuff: I modified build.xml so that the odbc
> appender is disabled by default, and can be enabled by passing
> -Dwith.odbc=1 to ant (see "ant usage"). I have not tested it yet,
> would be great if you could do this.
> Regarding the MySQL appender: Sounds cool, but needs more work,
> because it includes some windows specific files like winsock.h.
> I have therefore not added it to the daily build yet.
> In any case, please submitt a bug report at
> http://issues.apache.org/jira/secure/BrowseProject.jspa?id=10550
> and attach your patch, then click that you donate the patch to Apache.
> It will then become easier to commit it to the CVS :-)
> Thanks & Best Regards,
> Andreas
> --
> Andreas Fester
> mailto:andreas@littletux.net
> WWW: http://www.littletux.net
> ICQ: 326674288

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