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From J P Weber <j_p_we...@yahoo.com>
Subject PropertyConfigurator file not found handling
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2005 03:49:31 GMT
PropertyConfigurator's configure() and
configureAndWatch() don't handle a file not found
situation the same way.  configure() throws an
exception (through File::read(), called in
PropertyConfigurator::doConfigure()), while
configureAndWatch() does nothing because doOnChange
(and thus PropertyConfigurator::doConfigure) does not
get called by FileWatchDog::checkAndConfigure(). 
configureAndWatch() doesn't even print out the
LogLog::debug() message because
LogLog::setInternalLogging(true) has not been set at
that point.  configureAndWatch() checks to see if the
file exists first (in
FileWatchdog::checkAndConfigure()), while configure()
goes straight to the File::read().

Maybe this is the desired behavior, but I think most
people would expect to do the same thing as far as
exception handling goes when it comes to configure()
and configureAndWatch().

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