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From Curt Arnold <carn...@apache.org>
Subject Testing strategy (was Re: cvs commit: logging-log4cxx/tests/witness/ndc NDC.1)
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2005 03:33:19 GMT

On Jan 6, 2005, at 4:45 AM, Ceki Gülcü wrote:

> Curt,
> While you are importing unit tests over from log4j, you probably
> became aware that the log4j tests based on the witness approach,
> although very valuable, are fragile and somewhat hard to maintain. I
> suspect that better and cheaper testing methodologies are out there.
> What do you think?

The "witness" tests are effectively integration tests.  They only work 
if a whole lot of things are working properly and if they fail, the 
cause of the failure may be difficult to isolate.  It is good to have 
"integration" tests, but they are more fragile and don't effectively 
test atypical conditions.

My current approach to dealing with reported issues in log4cxx is to 
check that all the relevant log4j tests have been migrated.  If that 
doesn't reproduce the reported bug, then I'll write new unit tests for 
log4cxx that demonstrate the bug and donate those back to log4j.

If I'm substantially rewriting some aspect (like the date formatting).  
I'll likely start by writing a lot of tests for log4j to really pin 
down what it does, then port the tests and implementation to log4cxx.

The coverage analysis reports can be very helpful in guiding test 
writing.  I find it most effective to try to push classes that have 
fairly good coverage to 100%, then work on the next tier and favor 
writing tests for the core classes.

log4j has enough eyeballs on it that bugs get identified and squashed 
pretty quickly.  Having a good test suite is definitely a benefit to 
the derived implementations.  In a perfect world, the log4cxx test 
suite would have all the tests that log4j has.

If anybody wants to contribute to log4cxx by migrating log4j tests, 
your help would be appreciated.

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