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From "Christian Grobmeier" <grobme...@gmail.com>
Subject Introducing Lionbeast
Date Sun, 06 Oct 2013 21:03:08 GMT
Hello folks!

early this year I wrote a small and simply http server for demonstration 
purposes. It's based on NIO. When I picked up this task I always thought 
it would be good for an idea I have on logging for a while now.

Here it is:

I would like to change the server in a way so it can make use of Log4j 
receivers to receive logging events. Lionbeast shall provide a way to 
manipulate these events and enable to create some metrics or something 
similar. At the moment it is possible to create dynamic websites using 
JRuby. I would like to have "Loglets" one day. This is basically a 
script or implemented class which lets users work with the events the 
way they want.

I absolutely know about Apache Flume. I consider Flume the "big brother" 
of Lionbeast. Lionbeast aims to be easy to use, install and extend. I 
consider it more to be a partner of Chainsaw actually. Like the 
server-side Version of Chainsaw. Actually I believe there might be some 
opportunities if Chainsaw and Lionbeast would come together.

If you like my idea, I would like to contribute the current code and ask 
for a Git-Repository at Infra.
My current plan is to work on it over years change mostly and thats why 
I am starting now to have it ready for that time.
In addition I would like to put some work in the current Receivers. I 
don't know if they currently work with Log4j2 but I guess not so well. I 
think there should be a receivers package directly in the Log4j 2 trunk, 
maybe even in the core.

I recently spoke to Benedikt Ritter who is a committer/PMC at Apache 
Commons. I told him about my ideas and he motivated me to move forward 
with it. Furthermore Benedikt expressed his interest to participate. I 
would like to give him access to the Git repository as well. We should 
also discuss if we should open a sandbox for logging in general, where 
interested fellow committers can contribute code without having 
committer-ship at logging.

Thoughts? Comments? Likes? Dislikes?



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