I believe log4j was initially donated to Apache by IBM and Ceki was a part of it there.

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Oh - did you mean it was running 4 years before the logging project was formed?  Yes - as Scott pointed out it was first part of Jakarta, which was a catch all for all Java projects (except stuff like Cocoon which fell under the XML projects). 


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According to wikipedia and http://www.apache.org/history/timeline.html the ASF was incorporated in June 1999.  Where did you get 4 years later from?  According to http://logging.apache.org/log4j/1.2/changes-report.html the first release of Log4j was Oct 15, 1999.


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Ralph Goers schrieb:
That is pretty awesome. Note though, that the first release of Log4j was in 1999.

Interesting. It was running 4 years before ASF.
Where the folks from the original charter working on the pre-asf
versions too?


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doing the research for a new article, I realized the Apache Logging
Services project has been founded in december 2003:

This is going to be 10 years in a short while!!

This is absolutely awesome! Especially because we still have our Scott
and I see Jacob pinging the users list from time to time! It means, our
two fellows are sticking to the project for 10 years too and still help us!

I believe we should do something cool, and be it a blog post only.
Anybody got ideas?