Obviously you will need to change the building page on the log4php web site, however I would think something along the lines of is also required. Even with that, I don't see anything that would tell a potential contributor how to create a fork, and the request it be integrated back in lieu of creating a patch.


On Dec 8, 2012, at 3:26 AM, Ivan Habunek wrote:

Hi all,

Thanks to Gavin from Infra, our git repository is live as of today.
This marks the end of svn for log4php code. The svn repo will remain
available in read-only mode.

Here's the links you might need:

The official repository (and web interface), writable for developers:

Official read-only mirror:

Github read-only mirror:

Note that the old apache and github mirrors, which were named
"log4php.git" instead of the current name "logging-log4php.git" will
be removed at some point in time, so don't use those for anything.

The github mirror is updated once daily. I was told that it's not
possible to update on commit since it's a mirror of the
mirror, and not of the main repository. I will look into possible ways
of improving this.

None of the other Logging Services projects are affected by this
change, except in a way to encourage them to move to git at some point
in time. The transition was very painless.

Best regards,