I'm now subscribed to general@logging

Thanks Ralph for INFRA-4669: it gives me good information on actual status.


The main question IMHO for the moment is: how are you planning to generate main site html? Maven, CMS's markdown, another tool?

Then each component will have its own generation tool, with the only expectation is to output html to svn






Le dimanche 20 mai 2012 11:58:16 Ralph Goers a écrit :

If you meant me, of course I'm subscribed to Maven Dev as I'm on the PMC.  However, I haven't done any work there in a very long time.  This list would seem to be more appropriate for a logging related discussion.

To reiterate a bit for Hervé's sake, I've opened https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/INFRA-4699 which is sort of in a state of limbo waiting for us to tell infra what we actually want. We haven't responded because we aren't really sure. So the first piece we need is something to tell infra so that we can actually start doing something.