The only modifications from classical "mvn site" build are:

1. the source directory: <siteDirectory>${basedir}/content</siteDirectory>

2. the output directory: <outputDirectory>${site.output}</outputDirectory>, to be set from command line as -Dsite.output=... whatever infra wants

Then extpath.txt is in content/resources, which will be available from generated html (copied during "mvn site"):

The above concerns me a bit.  Log4j2 is a multi-module site.  My plan has always been to use site:deploy or site:stage-deploy to get the site to wherever it has to go to be processed by svnpubsub. From what you are saying I can't tell if that will work or not as I would not modify the output directory for a multi-module build as it won't accomplish anything and I'm not sure at all why I would want to modify the siteDirectory to build the Log4j2 site.


No problem with Log4j2, it wil work with "mvn site-stage" followed by "mvn scm-publish:publish-scm" without modifying siteDirectory nor outputDirectory.


The modification to source and output directories are necessary for the CMS to take care of the build (detect changes, then publish the built result to svn).


But sub-sites will be built by developers (while releasing), not by the CMS: there is no source nor output directories constraints.