On Feb 6, 2012, at 1:10 AM, Stefan Bodewig wrote:

On 2012-02-06, Ralph Goers wrote:

As you may be aware I have been working on Log4j 2 for about 2 years
now.  It now consists of a fairly large body of code with fairly
decent documentation. I feel it is ready to come out of my
experimental branch and onto its own main branch where others will
hopefully feel more inclined to participate.

For the benefit of the log4(X != j) communities, can you give some sort
of elevator pitch for log4j 2.0?  What is different?  Given that the
other projects around here have followed the 1.x model, it will be good
to know what you considered good or bad of the "old" approach.

Don't hesitate to send me to some sort of overview document, I admit I
haven't looked for one, yet.

You can find the latest documentation at http://people.apache.org/~rgoers/log4j2/