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From "Rony G. Flatscher (Apache)" <r...@apache.org>
Subject Little update and additional infos on the ooRexx implementation ... (Re: 'log4r' - a new 'log4j' like framework about to be released ...
Date Mon, 14 May 2007 07:09:56 GMT
Hi Curt,

in the meantime I could present the framework to the Rexx community at
this year's International symposium and there seems to be interest in
it. Therefore I plan to publish it via  apache labs. One of the things
to solve beforehand would be to the name, which at the moment is set to
"log4r", which - as you pointed out - has been taken by the Ruby
implementation. Therefore I have been contemplating to name it either
"log4o" (short for: "log4ooRexx") or "log4rexx", both names seem to be

The following URLs point to the slides and overview article of the
framework, containing nutshell examples in ooRexx (the tilde character
is an explicit message operator in ooRexx, hence the name right of a
tilde is always a message name; in case a message carries arguments they
are given as a comma-separated list in round parenthesis immediately
following the message name):

    * <http://wi.wu-wien.ac.at/rgf/rexx/orx18/log4r/2007_orx18_log4r.pdf>,
    * <http://wi.wu-wien.ac.at/rgf/rexx/orx18/log4r/2007_orx18_log4r-article.pdf>,
      brief overview article
    * <http://wi.wu-wien.ac.at/rgf/rexx/orx18/log4r/log4r_20070425.zip>,
      (source of) the framework; use "vim" or "gvim" to get the ooRexx
      syntax highlighting to ease reading
    * <http://prog.vub.ac.be/~wdmeuter/RDL06/Flatscher.pdf>, brief
      overview article of ooRexx, stressing its history, easy syntax
      (almost pseudo-code like) and its "human-centric" philosophy

A last remark ad asynchronously processing log messages: as it is very
easy in ooRexx to start and stop multithreading at any time, an
environment symbol is used to control this feature: this will cause the
processing of log messages themselves to be carried out in a
multithreaded fashion. Hence the appenders themselves need not to
execute asyncrhoneously themselves (although they could in addition do
that as well).

So if the package name 'log4o' or 'log4rexx' sound reasonable (and not
name-clashing) I would plan to introduce it into the Apache realm...



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