Hi there,

starting out with 'log4j', I have been creating a logging framework for the scripting language "Open Object Rexx (ooRexx)" [cf. <http://www.ooRexx.org>], dubbed "log4r".

It tries to stick to the 'log4j' architecture as closely as possible, OTOH it tries to improve a few little things, like it allows for creating named layouts and named filters, or using strictly "log4r.config." as the lead-in string for all general configuration options in properties files.

The initial implementation of the 'log4r' frameworks implements the following classes:
There will be an overview article which will demonstrate how to employ the 'log4r' framework for ooRexx programs, a brief overview of the architecture, of the classes, a documentation on defining configuration entries in properties files.

The planned licenses are CPL 1.0 and Apache 2.0.

As I have created the framework being inspired by and adhering quite closely to 'log4j', and seeing that comparable frameworks for other programming languages exist and seem to be hosted/incorporated at/into commons-logging, I am wondering, whether there would be interest in adding the 'log4r' framework to the 'log4j' family of frameworks?

If I am using the wrong e-mail list, please let me know.

Very interested in your comments/hints.