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From Stephan Strittmatter <Step...@st-strittmatter.name>
Subject Re: JavaScript (was Re: Quarterly Report to the Board)
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2006 08:20:24 GMT

Curt Arnold schrieb:
> On Aug 3, 2006, at 7:26 AM, Stephan Strittmatter wrote:
>> I think the time is now worth to think about a JavaScript logging
>> framework hosted on Apache Logging site. What do you think? In the last
>> months there have came up a lot of frameworks in this direction. I
>> collected them partly on
>> http://log4js.berlios.de/links.html#otherProjects and the list is still
>> growing.
>> IMHO it is a good idea to consolidate this big set to a solid framework
>> on Apache.
>> Yes, I have also designed such a framework (when starting I found no one
>> else doing that 1,5 years ago) together with Seth, but I can see there a
>> lot other worthy frameworks which could be probably merged together on
>> Apache Logging.
>> What do you think about this?
>> Kind regards,
>> Stephan Strittmatter
> I'm supportive but personally resource constrained.  If a JavaScript
> framework (or frameworks) were to happen in Logging Services, their
> would need to be new contributors making substantial contributions in
> time and effort.
> I think the best next step would be to establish mechanisms for
> discussion and brainstorming and then inviting authors of JavaScript
> frameworks and other interested parties to discuss what could or should
> be done.  Some possible mechanisms (one or more could be used):
> general@logging.apache.org mailing list
> a log4js JIRA project
> a log4js Wiki
> a sandbox area in the SVN
> Any others?

I think this will be a good start. On my project at
http://log4js.berlios.de I use also these mechanisms. Probably also some
webspace would be greate.

> I'm not sure that it is a good idea to try to unify one implementation,
> but I think it would be beneficial to try to define (likely not
> rigorously) a spec and provide one or more interoperable implementation
> and a test suite.

Yes, it will be difficult to unify them. I already tried to contact some
of the projects, but still with no success.

> Potential implementations:
> JavaScript bridge to log4net that would be useful for ASP.NET code so
> that logging from the script code could be interspersed with traditional
> log4net logging from .NET components.

This I want to add this also to Log4js

> Same thing for Java using log4j.

Currently I work on this for Log4js.

For PHP there exists already a small example in the svn.

> "Pure" javascript implementation for browser-side code.

This exists already in Log4js using different Appenders and Layouts.

> Others?
> I'd appreciate comments, suggestions and indications of interest.

For the Web2.0 and Ajax Hype, the bridges to the servers (.NET, Java,
PHP) will get more and more important. Because of that I currently work
on this. The problem is, that I am not familiar with .NET.

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