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From Stephan Strittmatter <Step...@st-strittmatter.name>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] log4js 0.2 released
Date Mon, 20 Mar 2006 14:40:56 GMT
The log4js team is pleased to announce the release of log4js 0.2.

Log4js is an API to support logging for JavaScript in similar way as
log4j does for Java.

Following changes are done in this release:
-  SimpleLayout and BasicLayout as first implementation of Layouts added.
-  HtmlLayout implemented.
-  XMLLayout implemented.
-  MozJSConsoleAppender created. It loggs to the JavaScript console of
Mozilla browsers.
-  OperaJSConsoleAppender created. It loggs to the JavaScript console of
Opera browser.
-  SafariJSConsoleAppender created. It loggs to the JavaScript console
of Safari browser. *
-*  AjaxAppender supports now threshold for sending events in groups.
-  Layout added to support different layouts of logging output.
-  JavaScript Lint <http://www.javascriptlint.com> added to ant target
and warnings corrected in scripts.

Log4js Website:

Release notes:


Kind regards,

Stephan Strittmatter

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