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From Curt Arnold <carn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [ANN] log4js - logging for JavaScript
Date Mon, 21 Nov 2005 00:49:10 GMT
There are a couple of distinct issues here and it would be good to  
keep them separate.  Would it be desirable for the Logging Services  
project to start development on a JavaScript logging framework?  If  
so, would it be better to start from an existing code base?  If so,  
which code base would be the best to start from?

Doing a quick search on JavaScript and Logging, I found the following  
links which seem to be on topic and many of them provide some some  
implementation code:


There does seem to be a lot of interest and likely a good community  
could develop around LS hosted project.  I'd be hesitant to pick a  
particular implementation to start with at this time before trying to  
put together a community and developing some shared vision.  It may  
be that none of the existing frameworks aligns with the collective  
vision and it ends up being simpler to start from scratch than to  
deal with adopting an existing code base.  Based on a very  
superficial review, it appears that all of the logging frameworks in  
the previous links were solo developer efforts.

I'd suggest:

Creating a sandbox-dev@logging.apache.org for Sandbox related  
discussion and SVN commits.
Rearranging the sandbox as previous discussed in http:// 
Create a directory sandbox to collect artifacts related to a logging  
framework for Javascript
Invite the authors of javascript frameworks listed above and others  
to join the discussion

Once a community is established:
Decide how to collect requirements (JIRA, Wiki, SVN, etc)
Pick a name
Pick a development strategy

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