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From Ceki Gülcü <c...@qos.ch>
Subject Re: taking advantage of JDK enhancements
Date Mon, 28 Nov 2005 08:55:54 GMT


Thank you for taking the time to share your idea. Log4j 1.3 already uses 
StackTraceElement when available. Please see 

for more details.

At 04:41 AM 11/28/2005, Trenton D. Adams wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>I'm just curious if you guys think it would be beneficial to provide 
>factories for various objects in the log4j project, so that one could 
>choose to use the new objects, in the event they use a newer version of 
>java.  Or, even auto detect the newer version of java, and use them 
>For instance.  I noticed that LocationInfo gets the location information 
>by parsing the output of the strack trace.  In java 1.4, there is 
>something called "StackTraceElement", which has all of this 
>information.  The throwable object can give this to you.  The time it 
>takes is significantly less than log4j's parsing.  I did a loop of 1M, 
>logging a simple line of text each time.  Printing out the stack trace 
>info, such as line number, took about 0.06ms, whereas it took 0.3ms with 
>log4j. So, it took approximately 60 seconds to run through the whole 
>loop.  Not printing it took 30 seconds.  Given the extremely high 
>performance of this method of obtaining stack trace info, I use it in all 
>of my logs. :)
>Here's an example.
>         Logger logger;
>         Throwable th;
>         StackTraceElement[] ste;
>         th = new Throwable();
>         ste = th.getStackTrace();
>         if (ste.length == 0)
>         {
>             // no stack trace -- bad
>             logger = AGeneralStatic.logger;
>         }
>         else
>         {
>             int idx = 0;
>             if (ste.length > 2)
>             {
>                 idx = 2;
>             }
>             logger = LogManager.getLogger(ste[idx].getClassName() + "." +
>                 ste[idx].getMethodName());
>         }
>So, instantiating LocationInfo through a factory would definitely be 
>beneficial, as you could simply instantiate different objects based on the 
>JDK that is currently running.  Then, all I have to do to get line numbers 
>is add the %L, and wham, I've got them with very high performance.
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Ceki Gülcü

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