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From "Trenton D. Adams" <tre...@athabascau.ca>
Subject taking advantage of JDK enhancements
Date Mon, 28 Nov 2005 03:41:40 GMT
Hi everyone,

I'm just curious if you guys think it would be beneficial to provide 
factories for various objects in the log4j project, so that one could 
choose to use the new objects, in the event they use a newer version of 
java.  Or, even auto detect the newer version of java, and use them 

For instance.  I noticed that LocationInfo gets the location information 
by parsing the output of the strack trace.  In java 1.4, there is 
something called "StackTraceElement", which has all of this information. 
  The throwable object can give this to you.  The time it takes is 
significantly less than log4j's parsing.  I did a loop of 1M, logging a 
simple line of text each time.  Printing out the stack trace info, such 
as line number, took about 0.06ms, whereas it took 0.3ms with log4j. 
So, it took approximately 60 seconds to run through the whole loop.  Not 
printing it took 30 seconds.  Given the extremely high performance of 
this method of obtaining stack trace info, I use it in all of my logs. :)

Here's an example.
         Logger logger;
         Throwable th;
         StackTraceElement[] ste;

         th = new Throwable();
         ste = th.getStackTrace();

         if (ste.length == 0)
             // no stack trace -- bad
             logger = AGeneralStatic.logger;
             int idx = 0;
             if (ste.length > 2)
                 idx = 2;
             logger = LogManager.getLogger(ste[idx].getClassName() + "." +

So, instantiating LocationInfo through a factory would definitely be 
beneficial, as you could simply instantiate different objects based on 
the JDK that is currently running.  Then, all I have to do to get line 
numbers is add the %L, and wham, I've got them with very high performance.

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