We should look into it.  I will start a new thread with Henri.  I like the -commit idea for the email address.


On 10/12/05, Nicko Cadell <nicko@neoworks.com> wrote:

> Commit notifications should goto the same email addresses,
> let me know if there are any problems with that, it always
> feels a bit like magic trying to pull the bits together on that :)


It looks like all the SVN commit mails from all the subprojects are
going to general@logging.apache.org rather than to their old mailing
lists, e.g. logging-log4j-cvs@apache.org etc...

Is this something that we want to try to rectify? I'm not sure how the
magic -cvs mailing lists work. Would we want to have a -cvs or would we
want to try something else like -svn or maybe -commit?