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From Yoav Shapira <yo...@apache.org>
Subject Re: JULI proposal
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2005 02:48:11 GMT
Boris, thank you for writing this code, making the proposal, and raising
relevant discussion issues.  Please stick around and work with us log4j as well
as JCL.  But this specific proposal I don't really like.

I see this proposal as causing more confusion than value-add.  I don't like it
with my Tomcat developer hat on, where we did exactly as much as we wanted to
do in our JULI, and no more: this is definitely more.  I don't like it with my
log4j developer hat on, as it's bloat.  I don't like it with my Jakarta Commons
Logging hat, as it's yet another bridge leading to unnecessary user confusion. 
And I don't like it as a user because it doesn't add anything and only confuses

I agree the CLA, license, and SLF4J dependence are all easy issues that can be
dealt with.  But they're side points to the above.


Yoav Shapira
System Design and Management Fellow
MIT Sloan School of Management
Cambridge, MA, USA
yoavs@computer.org / www.yoavshapira.com

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